Not just men, women also have equal right to think beyond their work or their house-wife’s life. They should also set their resolution, seek to expand creatively beyond society’s defined rituals.

Guitarmonk Social, a social wing of music education brand Guitarmonk & Shakti Foundation, an NGO working for the empowerment of rural women, joined hands to make this initiative beneficial for every women.

Shakti Foundation’s Sonal Rochani, who has been working for women in the tribal areas and Guitarmonk’s founder Kapil Srivastava said our objective is to provide Guitar in the hand of our Dalit & Divyang daughters with free music classes.

Not just limiting to it, Guitarmonk has pledged to GIVE FREE GUITAR TO EVERY WOMEN PARTICIPANT till stock lasts, be it from corporate, school or other-wise.

The campaign is named as WOMEN 1st – GUITAR @EVERY HOME

We also invite corporate, school or any responsible organization looking for women’s employees engagement or CSR initiatives can join hands with us to make this a bigger movement.

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