Global publisher Papaya Play and developer Vertigo Games are excited to reveal more information about the latest major content release for BlackShot. Players can test their weapon prowess in the new CS: GO inspired game mode: Weapon Race, complete with a fully playable rendition of the Safe House map. BlackShot is also releasing many new items in the shop, such as the G36 Polizei, Polizei (Special Character), Dual Glock 21 White, and Selfie Stick melee weapon. The Selfie Stick has its very own selfie system allowing players to take in-game selfies at any time. The Clan Server has been revamped allowing those without a clan to compete for a clan as a mercenary.

The new content patch is bringing:
– Weapon Race Mode: This mode gives the opportunity for players to show off their skill with many different weapons types. Players start with a Rifle and progress to a new weapon type every 7 kills until finally reaching the Golden Knife. This knife is the ultimate goal of the mode, allowing instant victory to the team that can score a kill with it. A new map (Safe House), made specifically for this game mode.
– Selfie Stick: Exactly as you may expect, this brand new melee weapon allows the player to look behind them and take selfies. Your selfies are actual 16:9 screenshots, saved by pressing the Right Mouse button.

BlackShot is a free-to-play, first-person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world. Players can join other mercenaries in brutal team combat, multiple game modes, and experience in-depth customization to create their perfect warrior.


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