World Elders Day Celebration at The Golden Estate

October 1, 2016, Faridabad: International Day of Senior Citizens, 2016 was joyfully celebrated by the residents of The Golden Estate today. This day is dedicated to all our elders and is also a reminder of our moral and social responsibilities towards them.

The entire celebration revolved around the WHO’s annual theme of World Elderly Day “Take a stand against ageism”. The celebration kicked off with a beautiful motivational speech by Maj-Gen Parashar. All the residents were involved in healthy exercise of meditation and yoga which was followed by Zumba and Aerobics dance fun at the premises. The day and the celebration was dedicated to those who had dedicated their entire life to the present generation.

On this occasion, Mr. Amit Vaidya, Director, The Golden Estate stated that “Our theme hum kissi se kam nahin is for a fact reflected in our resident who lead a contented and happy life. We as an organization believe that our seniors should treat their life after retirement as the Golden years and enjoy them to the fullest”.

The senior citizens participated with enthusiasm in the poem recitation and dance fun. The energy level of the senior citizens was far beyond expectations which truly made it a good show. It was splendid watching old aged persons dancing at this age and having so much fun. They indeed made best of this day.

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