Weeds, they are a nuisance – the bane of every gardener. Several gardening enthusiasts have given up on their garden simply because the weeds became too much to cope with. But like everything else, there is a way to get around this problem too. We give you some of the best tips to control weeds in your garden.

1. Getting rid of weeds:

Start with a clean slate or rather, soil. Get rid of the existing weed growth before you begin seeding your lawn or planting your flower beds. It is important to remove the weeds along with the roots so that they don’t grow back.

2. Pull out weed growth:

Even if you started your garden with weed-free soil, there will still be some amount of weed growth once you lay out your garden. The dormant seeds germinate and mature into weeds. These are as yet young plants and can be easily pulled out along with the roots. Dig out any root portion leftover in the soil to prevent re-growth.

3. Using mulch as weed control:

Layering the ground around the plants with mulch prevents weeds from growing. Mulch such as straw, shredded leaves or any organic matter blocks the light and air from reaching the seeds so they don’t germinate. The mulch also provides valuable nutrients to the plants as it breaks down, thus serving a dual purpose.

4. Maintain a Garden Clean Ups Bligh Park and neat garden:

Keep an eye out for weed growth by attending to your garden for at least ten minutes each day. Take the time to pull out the weeds while you walk around. Clear debris, keep the lawn mowed and the edges trimmed so that weeds do not catch on.

5. Avoid bare patches:

Leaving the soil bare is an invitation for the weeds to take root. Make sure to plant your trees and shrubs as close as possible taking into account their growth and spread. Even if you have a bare patch in your garden, take care not to water it to prevent weeds from taking root.

6. Use organic weed killers:

If the weeds have become an overwhelming problem, try using organic weed killers available in the market. Pre-emergent weed killers are also available which can be used to prevent the seeds from germinating.

7. Hiring garden care services:

There is always the option of hiring a Gardening Services Penrith service to do your weeding or regular garden maintenance. The crew tend to your garden, take care of the weed problem and ensure that you have a neat and tidy garden at all times.

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