SpotboyE, India’s leading Bollywood News destination has partnered with Facebook to launch a first of its kind interactive show which will be simulcast across Facebook communities of SpotboyE and 9XM, India’s leading Bollywood Music Television Channel. This ‘Social meets TV show’ is titled SpotboyE Live and will feature interactions with top Bollywood stars and singers in real time. Fans from Facebook communities of SpotboyE and 9XM can post comments to their favourite stars and singers and all comments from the live stream thread would be curated on to the TV show.
The show is all set to kick start on 30th September with one of the biggest name in Bollywood, Ajay Devgn on SpotboyE Facebook page and 9XM channel.
Commenting on the initiative, Vibha Gosher, Sr. VP & Digital Head 9X Media Pvt. Ltd. said, “The lines between social media platforms and television are getting blurred with each passing day. Social Media is not here to kill TV! It has become its best friend. Indians are watching television and are engaging online at the same time while tuning in. SpotboyE has had an amazing run of great interactions with both stars and fans on Facebook Live. SpotboyE Live is a first of its kind media convergence of our engagement on Social Media with our television programming. Our Live sessions have received an overwhelming response from Bollywood fans asking questions to their favourite stars. We are ecstatic to collaborate with Facebook to bring India’s first Social Meets TV experience to a much larger audience with SpotboyE Live on 9XM and Facebook.”
Speaking about the initiative, Amar Tidke, Chief Programming Officer 9X Media Pvt. Ltd. said, “At 9XM we have always set a trend in creating the finest innovations within the music space. Our viewers have always cherished the amazing experiences that the Channel has created for them, be it 9XM Selfiesh – India’s first video request show, 9XM Asktrack- India’s first crowd sourced playlist show or our viewer generated Top 9 playlist show. SpotboyE Live is yet another first by 9XM where we offer viewers and fans an opportunity to directly interact with their favourite celebrities. It is a platform where for the 1st time ever the Interview is simulcast on TV, Spotboye and Facebook and viewers can comment and ask questions to their favourite stars – all in realtime!”
SpotboyE Live will be promoted across the all 9X Media’s, Social communities across various platforms. The Show will also have an extensive promotion on 9XM.
Saurabh Doshi, Head of Media Partnerships, Facebook India said, “SpotboyE Live is the first television show in India to integrate Facebook Live application with television and credit for providing such a unique experience to so many poeple goes to SpotboyE and 9XM. This initiative also provides us with an opportunity to receive feedback from users and enhance traffic towards the app.”
So get ready to start your live interactions and pose your question to your favourite stars only on SpotboyE Live.