Tinker Master’s DIY Kits will now be available online through Flipkart, giving every child an opportunity to learn through this creative new way of teaching

Bangalore ,29 September, 2016: Hobby Master, who have tied up with numerous schools around Bangalore and Karnataka to train children from the 5th to 9th grades in Aeromodelling, Robotics, Electronics and Fun Science, as part of the school curriculum, have today announced a corporate name change to ‘TinkerMaster’. The name reflects their broader commitment to DIY learning. Furthermore, they have announced that their products will now be available online through Flipkart so that any child can have access to their kits and products and not just the schools they have tied up with.

According to National Employability Report – 2015, only 3.67 % of computer engineers can actually get jobs where they are expected to develop new software products! This clearly shows the skill vacuum in today’s graduates and is directly attributable to lack of sufficient importance given to skill training in schools. Most science concepts that children study in high school have applications in the real world around us. Traditional teaching in schools rarely connects the products that we use daily to the science we study in class rooms. This makes science alien to children and pushes them towards rote learning. Secondly, applying science to create useful products requires skills. New age skills are never seriously taught at schools today.

Hence, TinkerMaster, uses a ‘Golden Triangle Methodology’. This method involves- concept, application and skills stages. In every class, children complete a full triangle where concepts are explained, then applied with products being built and in turn this gives the child a new skill set.

Rajeev Koyal, Co-Founder, Tinker Master said “The new name ‘TinkerMaster’ allows us to emphasize on our commitment to DIY learning which encourages children to follow their interests, test how materials work, experiment, and eventually combine materials and ideas together in new and creative ways.”

Guruprasad Athani, Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer, TinkerMaster added, “We decided to take our products online through Flipkart post a lot of interest from students and parents from other cities and schools where TinkerMaster’s program wasn’t yet a part of the school curriculum. This gives any child around the country access to our DIY kits. We will also soon be launching our e-commerce portal called, “TinkerKart.com” that will enable children to learn online through our programmes.”

About TinkerMaster:

TinkerMaster builds a science and technology innovation lab (STIL) in schools, called “TinkerShaala” for the 5th to 9th grades. STIL’s path-breaking methodology uses hobbies such as Aeromodelling, Robotics, Electronics and Fun Science as a learning catalyst. Children experience a scientific concept before learning it as a mental construct. At TinkerMaster, we bridge the gap between an abstract scientific principle and the emotional and practical bonds of a child’s life. We have created a program that caters to both child and curriculum.

90% of CBSE/ICSE science (general science, physics and computer science) curriculum is integrated into the program.

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