A Detailed Review of the Bluetooth; v2.0, v3.0 and v4.0

Bluetooth wireless technology is one of the easiest ways of sharing data, music, videos, pictures and other important things without the worries of data cables, wires and so on. You can find Bluetooth devices built into various products like mobile phones, laptops, cars and many other places. They are handy and the easiest in their use plus they require very little operating power which makes them portable and usable at places where a lot of energy cannot be carried in. The long transmission range makes it feasible for the user to carry it along while doing other tasks.

Here is a detailed review to give you a window to the features of v2.0, v3.0 and v4.0.

1. Bluetooth v2.0:

One of the most popular variants. The device makes it easier to pair up with other devices and provide smooth, error free communication. Also introduced for it is the additional feature known as EDR (Enhanced Data Rate), a faster modulation sketch that will transmit the data 2 or 3 times faster than the previous versions. In this case the device will make the connections itself and the user has to confirm it only. Also it provides you the facility of multiple connections at a time, so you can plug in more than one device.

2. Bluetooth v3.0:

The features are more advanced in this case. It allows you to have a top speed of 24 mbps making the data transfer faster and more feasible. It is also compatible with v2.1. An additional feature of HS which is the Bluetooth core specification will make it easier to achieve this speed, hence the ones with the suffix HS will work more effectively as compared to the simple ones.

They also enable the use of;

1. Reliable L2CAP channel.

2. Alternative MAC and PHY for effectively transferring the Bluetooth profile data.

3. Effectively advanced power control.

4. Transferring of connectionless data.

5. Ultra wideband specification.

3. Bluetooth v4.0:

Bluetooth v4.0 sounds like a gold standard when it comes to comparing features and efficacy. Many of the most amazing specifications are combined together in this one wonderful creation. The Bluetooth v4.0 saves the energy and is very friendly to your battery. It is considered the best for those devices that are aimed for a lot of data transfer and frequent used over the span of given time. Furthermore, the rest of the features offer communication with NFC hardware in phones and laptops and hence making it feasible for pairing, it also make it possible to pair up with different fitness watchers such as watches and other heart rate commuting devices so that now you can use your Bluetooth to know about the calories burnt and the pounds that might cry away in the form of sweat. Bluetooth v4.0 is all about uniqueness. It also enables the user to get connected to older devices in times of need.

So, when are you shopping your favorite Bluetooth device next? Keep the above details in mind and make the wisest selection!

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