GoBOLT is a next gen tech-logistics company based out of New Delhi. Paying close heed to – Driver Health & Training, Vehicle Reliability & Maintenance and Shipment Monitoring, it is looking to revolutionize the current logistics industry by aiming at reviving the life and situation of the Drivers in the Trucking Transportation Industry and hopes to change the outlook towards the profession.

GoBOLT has a wide network across the country. It aims at quashing the notions such as – drunkenness, accidents, ill-health that comes attached with the industry by implementing strict Service Related Schedules & Disruptive Technology interventions at each stage. The company has come up with innovative ideas to create a unique identity for itself.

According to Mr. Sumit Sharma, Co founder of Go BOLT, “Transport in India is projected to be a $300 billion diligence by 2020. The truck industry, which is the backbone of the transport sector and the economy, is in dire straits. We are using technology to modify the transport eco system and make the industry model operationally scalable. There is a stigma in the society towards truck drivers which we want to change and come out of it, and tell the people about their importance”

One of the main issues in this highly unorganized sector is the lack of coordination, wherein there is enough cargo to carry but shortage of drivers. GoBOLT acts as the prime Network Orchestrator between the Buyer and the Transporter. While there is no official data, it is said that nearly 20 lakh vehicles or 10 per cent of the total population of vehicle are always idle across the country for the want of drivers.
Suboptimal placement efficiencies, irregular transit times, difficulty in booking orders, availability of trucks during peak season, lack of data availability etc are some of the service issues faced by the Industry. GoBOLT provides a secure base in a broker-driven market by providing technology for booking orders and basic GPS tracking of the goods keeping all the transactions transparent.
The company has also risen a pre-Series funding from startup incubator MCube8, a division of financial advisory firm MCube Capital. The startup company is run by Camions Logistics Solutions Pvt. Ltd. GOBOLT will be using this capital for business and technology development.

GoBOLT is a tech-logistics company operating in Line Haul & Short Haul Trucking, creating value through dis-intermediation, increased asset utilization and extensive use of technology. It is a New Delhi-based transportation solution provider in the B2B segment. It was launched in September 2015 with an aim to offer industry-best logistics services and disrupt the India’s existing logistics industry by introducing/creating benchmark practices, thoroughly integrating technology in its operations while maintaining un-paralleled Professionalism, Accountability & Transparency of Information.
GoBOLT provides both Express & Non-Express road- transportation solutions by building a new generation logistics platform with disruptive operating models, simple yet scalable processes & digitization at its core such as right vehicle selection, route/delivery planning, real time tracking, reliable documentation and control, and reduced transit time to its clients. This includes Extensive use of Technology like E-market place, SaaS based Fleet Management System, SaaS based integrated multi-channel customer interaction systems, Optimized operations & route planning and leveraging real time & long term trends in logistics through big data and adopting Benchmark Practices like Double-Driver Model: Deploying two drivers on our express lane vehicles, Hub-Relay Model: By creating Hubs at a quantum of 350-400 km on the express lanes and shuttling a driver exclusively between 2 hubs and effective Vendor, Fleet & Driver management on ground to drive efficiencies.