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September 13, 2016 – LIWTS (Legalize it, We Think So) just released a statement stating the availability of new vaporizer pen products as well as pipes, grinders and other tools on their website. In an interview with website spokesperson David Howe, he says the new products were released to meet the increased demands.

“Many people consider our site as an online weed magazine and it is a fair comparison,” says Howe. “Our website has grown by leaps and bounds and our goal is to keep growing. When people visit our site they expect to find the latest news related to cannabis, and that’s what they’ll get. At the same time we also make it easy for them to buy the tools they need.”

The number of states that legalize weed continues to increase, and along with it the growing evidence for its medical benefits. As cannabis users are now able to engage in their activities in the open, the demand for the essential tools has grown, and it is essential that the right products are used for the best experience.

“Our product line has been tailored to fit the needs of cannabis users. Our vaporizers are ergonomically designed and our bubblers and pipes are made from the finest materials. We have also simplified the purchasing process so it’s easier for customers to shop for the products they want.”

While there are a growing number of websites for cannabis users, most of them have just general and often outdated information about cannabis. This not only wastes the time of online users, but can be misleading. According to Howe, this is the reason why LIWTS spares no effort in updating the information on their site.

“It’s good to know many sectors in the medical establishment and people in general have come to realize the benefits of cannabis. But the truth is there are still a lot of misinformation and confusion out there. So aside from being an online shop for cannabis equipment, we update our posts with the newest information.”

The days when one had to scour the web long and hard to find cannabis information is long gone, and with LIWTS it is now easier than ever to buy the tools you need for an enjoyable and hassle free smoke.

“LIWTS was designed to be your all in one guide to all things cannabis. If you want to know how to grow weed, buy related gear or talk to fellow users, we have it here, and as a community we are expanding quickly.” For more details please visit the official website at http://www.liwts.org/

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