Aluminium Blinds – Best Solution For All Your Window Covering Needs

When it comes to window coverings, most folks opt for Venetian blinds for their functionality and ease of use. Traditionally, Venetian blinds were always made from wood which is an expensive commodity. In recent times however, blinds are made from material like aluminium or PVC which is quite affordable and provides a lot of features. Aluminium blinds are the best solution for all your window covering needs.

Several advantages make aluminium blinds the most popular choice:


Aluminium is easy to cut and mould into any shape. As such aluminium blinds can be fitted on to windows of any shape and size. In fact, they are ideal for large sized windows as well.

Ease of Use:

Aluminium blinds are easy to operate. At a simple touch, you can control the light entering the room by opening or closing the slats. The slats can be opened at an angle so as to provide you the privacy needed, while also letting in the light. In winter the closed slats offer insulation by keeping the warmth in the room. Your aluminium blinds can be motorised for added convenience.

Easy Maintenance:

Blinds made from aluminium come with a dust resistant finish which makes it easy to clean. Being metallic, they are also moisture resistant and do not corrode, giving a neat appearance. An occasional wash down with soap and water leaves them looking as good as new.

Lightweight and Sturdy:

Aluminium is a lightweight material but not prone to dents and kinks which makes it ideal for window blinds. It is sturdy as well so the slats do not bend out of shape even with prolonged use. As a result, your aluminium blinds will last for a long time.

Style and Beauty:

A wide range of colour selection is available and you can easily co-ordinate your aluminium blinds with the interior décor of your home. Decorative tapes and cords lend an element of interest to the blinds; no doubt, colour matched window blinds give a sleek and stylish look to the room.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of installing aluminium blinds is its affordability. They are a cost effective option especially if you are on a budget. Aluminium Blinds Belgrave offer good savings on the maintenance front as well.

With the several advantages listed above, you would agree that aluminium blinds are the best solution for all your window covering needs. Perhaps you have made up your mind to upgrade your windows with Aluminium Blinds Coburg and all that remains is to find a reliable blinds supplier. Apollo Blinds is a reputed and experienced supplier of window blinds, shutters and awnings in Australia. Check out the website for other options, colours and varieties of window coverings. You might also want to get a free measure and quote, so book it online at

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