Workbay, a coworking facility based in Santacruz is fast becoming the weekend
destination of choice for Mumbaikars who want to learn a new skill. The shared workspace doubles up
as a venue for workshops, seminars and master classes over the weekend and many enthusiastic
participants can be seen trying out new yoga asanas, mastering brush strokes to create cubist art or
learning how to prepare healthy meal replacements under the guidance of experts. Workbay has also hosted workshops in digital media management and tips for start-up entrepreneurs by mentors and serial entrepreneurs.

“From the very beginning we were clear that Workbay won’t be a dull drab office. We worked towards
creating an environment that motivates professionals to stay focused at work during the week and then
inspires them to do something incredible over the weekend. That’s how the concept of Workbay
Weekends was born,” says Sujatha Jain, Managing Partner, Workbay.

Workbay isn’t your typical cubicle farm in a glass encased downtown high-rise or a loud yuppie bean bag
infested “anti-office”. Instead it is a cozy yet clutter-free office space located in a bungalow in a quiet
bylane overlooking a church, just a stone’s throw from two railway stations, a highway and several key
arterial roads in the heart of the city. The workspace’s signature gray and white interiors are already
attracting several creative professionals, start-ups as well as mature organizations from fields as diverse
as logistics, human resources, fashion, art, finance and mental health.

“We are working towards building a community here that evolves into more than just a start-up
ecosystem. When people come together, sit down and share a meal in the common area, they often
brain storm. Already there have been several examples of like-minded professionals getting together to
collaborate on professional as well as social projects,” says Preeti Dawane, Strategy Partner, Workbay.

Workbay is fast changing the face of the shared workspace concept and their event property Workbay
Weekends is another step in the direction. Upcoming events at Workbay Weekends include film
screenings, drama and theater workshops, art exhibitions and more.