Releases Tactics to Protect and Enjoy Outdoor Decks This Fall gives homeowners advice on how to protect their outdoor decks and extend their use well into the cooler autumn months.

Burnsville, MN, USA — While it seems natural for customers to enjoy using their decks during the summer months – by grilling, watching sunsets, or having a refreshing drink on a warm afternoon – many think that as the weather gets cooler, they will use their decks less and less. In fact, autumn is a perfect time to do some maintenance to prepare their decks for cooler, rainier weather. Now is the time to think of ways to enjoy your deck throughout the fall as well.

In the summer, decks get used frequently. The decking material gets more wear and tear from the hot sun and extra use. To make sure a deck is prepared for colder temperatures and more moisture, there are a few steps homeowners should take.

One thing to look for are nails popping up above the boards. If that’s the case, consider replacing them with screws instead of just pounding in the nails. A good deck cleaning is also important. Clear away overgrown bushes or tree branches to prevent places for mold to grow, and clear off any leaves and debris to help prevent discolored staining on an outdoor deck. If the deck needs it, cooler temperatures are the ideal time to add a coat or two of sealant as well.

Once any deck repairs are completed, another way to prepare for colder weather is to consider adding an outdoor fire pit or fireplace to the deck area. This is a great way to create a space that will remain comfortable as the temperatures drop. Bringing out cozy blankets and adding garden lights or lanterns can also make the outdoor deck space inviting throughout autumn as well. provides plenty of outdoor deck ideas for making the most of your deck space ( The deck builders at can help homeowners discover if options like privacy walls, fire pits, and more will work with their existing decks, can help customers with deck refinishing, and provide estimates on deck repair costs.

To get the most out of your deck this season, contact today.

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