VESIT converges imagination with engineering through Praxis Techfest

• Around 8,000 students from 25 engineering colleges across Mumbai attend the two-day Techfest organized by Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Technology

Mumbai, September 23, 2016: Centred on the theme of ‘Imagineering’ which combined the scientific expertise of engineering students with technical skills, Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Technology (VESIT) had organized the Praxis Techfest, an intercollegiate festival on September 22-23. The event provided a varied platform to engineering students to showcase their technical skills across diverse events and workshops.
“It has been an eventful 14 years since VESIT has been organizing Praxis successfully. Over the years, not only has this unique event grown in dimensions but has also witnessed increasing participation from engineering students across Mumbai. Freshers are inspired to think innovatively and fests like these help the students use their minds innovatively,” stated Dr.(Mrs).J.M.Nair, Principal, VESIT.

“More than 67 events were held in the two-day Techfest which comprised several fun events, Robotics, Mechanics, Racing, Technical, Electronic and other domains. However, robotics events recorded the participation of maximum number of students from different engineering colleges across Mumbai,” said Prof. Manoj Sabnis, who is also the in-charge of Praxis Techfest.

“VES is committed to fostering a scientific temper among the present generation and events like Praxis help in consolidating the scientific synergies of students from the technical and engineering disciplines. We believe that along with theoretical courses which help students in updating their technical knowledge, a project-based approach by demonstrating their technical expertise through organization of Techfests like Praxis assumes more importance” stated Shri. Dinesh Tahiliani, Secretary, Vivekanand Education Society.

For the scores of budding scientists and engineers from Mumbai, this festival was a unique event to display their scientific talent and innovations.