“Sorted out by the CORREF. There were 36 assemblages and a few nationalities.
Prior to the day of the meeting, Sr Sabine Laplane had solicited each from us to bring the picture of a contemporary prophet took after by a sharing of 15 lines. Saturday, after a period of common associate, we went up sharing done in little gatherings on various contemporary prophets. Time advancement and revelation; Here are the names of the prophets: Jean Vanier; Popes John Paul II and Francis; Thérèse of the Child Jesus; Aung San Suu Kyi; Stephen Lungu (Zimbabwe); Denis Mukwege (DRC); Father Arthur (France); Mother Teresa; A gathering of kids catechumens; Marcel Van (Vietnamese); Malala (Nobel Peace Prize); Maurice Zundel; François Hugues (a father); Abbé Pierre; Pierre Rabhi; Virgin of the Annunciation; Khin Kyi Thar; Don Bosco; Mother Mary Mazzarello (author of the Salesian Sisters).

Taking into account the writings of the Old Testament, sister Sabine has educated us that the Prophet was the speaker rather than somebody who transmits a message. It is a specialist of the Easter element. It is never detainee deadlocks or evident determinism.

Free of preference of any sort, imaginative, constantly prepared to concoct new arrangements. The prophet dares, puts his trust in God … he is the representative of God. Dissimilar to the witness who is the one remaining alongside the individual on trial. He who has seen or listened, bearing witness to reality of a reality or the personality of a man…
As a gathering we needed to take a shot at the inquiry: “What troubles do you actually and publicly experience to lead a prophetic life? “The topic of apprehension, treachery in the groups, the absence of exchange, false impressions … was underlined.

After this season of reflection, we had an unwinding evening: each accompanied a move, a tune, a representation; it was a bustling night and exceptionally cheerful!
Sunday, Sr Sabine let us know the highlights of the life of a prophet of the twentieth century: Brother Roger of Taizé. She was lucky to know him by and by. When one of us asked, “what inspired you the most at home? “She said,” his profound benevolence.

” From her experience, she noticed a few attributes of the prophet, he was touchy to the significant developments of his time, as a “seismograph” was a man called by God, a man experiences (particularly Pope John XXIII ), a man of the media, a man of supplication and activity (against shamefulness on the planet) and a man of “battling” (it was challenged by the family environment of Protestant birthplace and needed to battle for save the autonomy of the Taizé people group).

To finish up our meeting, Sr Sabine made an amalgamation from the lifts issues by the gatherings. At last, how our religious life is it prophetic today, with regards to our own?
Among the recorded things, the devout life, cooperation, religious submission, abstinence and asset sharing are testing components for our reality. “Devotion to the prediction, it is loyalty to our own particular job that is a beauty and an obligation” (Sr Sabine).

This dependability is not without an existence of closeness with God that we have observed to be normal for every one of the prophets of yesterday and today.

Give us a chance to solicit Saint Francis and Mary from the Passion to help us to be prophets energetic on the planet where God has put us.

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