Millions of people, including teens, around the world are killed or seriously injured in traffic accidents, and speeding is a leading cause. CrashWarn is an innovative mobile app that helps keep drivers safe. CrashWarn automatically activates when driving and calculates the vehicle’s speed. If the driver exceeds the safe driving speed,CrashWarn will alert the driver to slow down. CrashWarn is an ideal tool to prevent speeding of teen drivers and to notify parents via text message with the vehicle’s geolocation.
In the event of a crash, CrashWarn will detect the crash and automatically notify an Emergency Contact, enabling the contact to effectively and quickly notify emergency medical services. The driver can also notify first responders with just one touch of CrashWarn’s panic button. After a motor vehicle accident, each second is precious and any delay in obtaining medical care for our loved ones reduces their chance of survival. The first hour of such an emergency is termed the ‘golden hour’ and is broadly regarded as the most critical for saving lives. In developing countries, there is a significant delay in notifying emergency medical services, causing a significant delay in obtaining medical care to the trauma victims of motor vehicle accidents. CrashWarnwill now help reduce that delay.While a number of safety apps merely list what to do in an emergency, no other app has CrashWarn’s highly accurate, well-researched and well-developed accident detection algorithm which incorporates a unique combination of features facilitating automatic sensing of speed, crash detection, and real-time push notifications to contacts. It is precisely this difference that makes CrashWarn the best app to promote accident prevention and increase the chance of survival in a speed-related vehicle accident. With CrashWarn, there is a real potential to mitigate future damage and save lives at a global level.Marketing efforts are currently focused on India and the US with plans to expandglobally very soon. CrashWarn is currently available in the Apple App store; theAndroid version will be released soon.
The innovators of the CrashWarn smart phone application, Dr Chaitanya Mamillapalli,MD and Ram Talluri, Managing Director, Lead IT Group ( believe passionately that speeding accidents are preventable and that mobile technology has the power to prevent loss of life in speed-related accidents.