For a charity or not-for-profit group, venturing into financial investment can be a daunting experience. The group will clearly benefit if the investment goes well, but also risks losing the lot if the investment is unsound.

As a result of this dilemma, most charities will opt for safe options. While this will give them greater peace of mind, with the current low interest rate, it won’t do much to boost their coffers.

But it seems private loan consolidation lenders, Credit Connect Capital, may have a solution.

With decades of experience between them, the highly qualified team at Credit Connect Capital count many charities, family offices and religious groups amongst their clients, happily rubbing shoulders with corporations and high net worth individuals.

The secret to this successful union is the company’s intelligent use of development loans.

Credit Connect Capital manages the Credit Connect Select Fund, which helps borrowers fund various properties or projects while, at the same time, giving investors access to mortgage investment opportunities.

For example, right now, the company is offering clients the chance to earn 10% on their investment, with the money paid directly into their bank accounts monthly. That’s a deal that’s hard to match – especially when it is secured by registered mortgage over real Australian real estate.

Clients can invest from as little as $5000, over 1-4 years, and the returns are fixed for the term of each mortgage. All costs associated with the mortgage are paid by the borrower.

Investing is a vital part of any charitable or not-for-profit group, but it needs to be handled carefully and professionally, and that’s what Credit Connect Capital does best.

To find out more about these investment opportunities, phone Credit Connect Capital on 1300 795 507.

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