Steam Those Extra Pounds Off With Total Sauna available now in ShopTv Philippines

Enough with the expensive workout equipment, the personal trainer, and the difficult and unrealistic diet that makes losing the extra pounds a pain, only to find you’ve got no results at the end of the day. Ditch another drive to the gym. With Total Sauna, you can steam it all off in the comfort of your own home.

Why use the Total Sauna?

Total Sauna is the full-body steam weight loss system that can give you a full workout without the work. You will not only lose the pounds while relaxing, but even feel more comfortable in it than a regular sauna. In a regular sauna, breathing can get hard when your lungs are taking in hot air and steam, so you can’t stay there for too long. But with Total Sauna’s design, which allows your head to be above the steam, directing the heat right where you want to steam off the excess weight, the system lets you breathe easy. That means you can keep losing the pounds for longer in the Total Sauna than in any other sauna or gym.

You can’t watch TV, talk on the phone, or read while you’re working out in a gym or in a regular sauna, either. But with this portable steam sauna, you can. You can do just about anything with the Toal Sauna as you can while sitting on your living room couch.

How do I use the Total Sauna?

Setting this portable home sauna up in your bedroom or your living room, or wherever you want and whenever you want, is a breeze. In seconds, the lightweight nylon Total Sauna opens up automatically. Simply pour water into the steam generator and turn it on, and within a few moments, rejuvenating steam will come from the system. You can quickly turn your simple sauna time into an aromatherapy session, just by adding a few drops of your favorite scent into the generator. Sit back, relax, and steam the calories away.

The Total Sauna’s portable and lightweight design also lets you pack it away as easily as you set it up. Once you’re done with your session, simply fold it up and tuck the light nylon material in any space, however small.

What are the benefits of using the Total Sauna?

The Total Sauna burns off fat by directing steam to the most problematic areas of your body—including your abs, waist, hips, buns, and thighs. Ditch the repetitions of crunches and lunges that only target one area at a time, when you can address them all at once.

The Total Sauna not only helps you sweat off the pounds with ease, but it also does it quickly. Say goodbye to going to the gym for hours and hours, and spending thousands on workout equipment to find that you haven’t lost a fraction of your weight. Using the Total Sauna, you can lose 250 calories in just a half-hour session. With 15 days of use, along with a slimming diet plan that you get for free when you purchase your own Total Sauna, you can shave almost an inch off your waist and lose an average of two and a half pounds. Some users have lost even more, losing up to seven pounds and cutting down nearly three inches off the waist in just two weeks.
The benefits don’t end there. While you sweat the calories off, the Total Sauna also purifies your skin and improves its appearance, eliminates toxins, and reduces stress. It also works wonders for those struggling with arthritis or other muscle and joint complications. Muscle and joint pain can be alleviated with the wet steam heat of the Total Sauna in just twenty minutes.

What comes with my Total Sauna?

The package comes with your nylon Total Sauna, a foldable chair to go inside it, the steam generator and distribution tubes, and a carrying bag. What’s more, along with your Total Sauna comes a slimming diet to help you maximize your weight loss experience.
Enjoy a full-body workout and a complete spa in the comfort of your own home with the Total Sauna now. Get this portable sauna for sale for just Php 5,995.00, and spend no more on visits to the gym and unnecessary workout equipment to lose those extra pounds ever again!

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