Festive travel: No trouble with RailYatri Bus booking service

The information about Indian Railways and the trains are generally scattered and based on obsolete data adding woes in the smooth travelling decision of passengers. Not any more with RailYatri app which promises to provide features that are extremely beneficial for the users. One can find all information related to train travel in this app and the app has all updated information based on the set algorithm of data analysis. With useful features and updated information this app is of extreme benefit if you are travelling during festive season.

With so many festivals knocking at your doorsteps, it is very difficult to get a train ticket, as train tickets are high in demand by the travellers.
Let have a closer look of the app features.
• Seat Availability Forecast: If travelling to home during Christmas is a last minute decision, people often book tickets in more than one train with the hope to get confirmed ticket but get disappointed in terms of getting waitlisted tickets and waste money and time as well. Not any more with RailYatri. You can check your chances of getting confirmed ticket with this app in terms of high, medium and low and get your tickets booked in the right train.
• Live Train Status: Tracking your train amidst so many trains with just few click, is an exciting idea. Yes with RailYatri, one can definitely track the running details of the trains and get updated with the arrival and departure of the train. The app gives the exact location of the train through the GPS tracking device of your phone, which definitely helps to track the running status of the train and plan your journey accordingly.
• Trip Sharing: Sharing your trip, with the app is an added benefit to the users. It provides the customized form of the entire feature that is required for you to travel during the journey. From off-line time table to train running status and Indian railway enquiry, the trip created on the app is shown in a customized way to ease the travel experience. Moreover the trip shared on the app can also be shared with your loved ones to keep a track of your Journey through Gmail or Whatsapp.
• Food Booking: Apart from the other useful features, the app also has the benefit of food booking on train. In case your train is reaching out to your destination in the wee hours of the morning or late night when the taxi is not available, book your taxi in advance to avoid inconvenience. Similarly why to have stale food when you can get fresh meals served at your seats with the online food booking service.
• Bus booking service: RailYatri has introduced a new service for its users to help them safe time and money. RailYatri bus booking service is one of the exclusive services for its users. During the festive season it often gets difficult to get a train ticket but worry not with RailYatri’s affordable bus booking service now you can book your bus through the app and avail exciting offers.

RailYatri is a mobile and web based platform for all train related queries which is both effective and amazingly good for every train traveller. The features are designed specifically for the users and so is a must have in your phone while travelling in Train.

For bus booking click: https://www.railyatri.in/bus_bookings/find-bus-option

and for pnr status check : http://www.railyatri.in/pnr-status/

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