Samir Mansuri launches hunt for ‘Princess India’ in association with National Association for the Blind

Samir Mansuri launches hunt for ‘Princess India’ in association with NAB

Samir Mansuri, Chairman of the NGO ‘Blind Dreams’ has started hunt for Princess India (Blind & Partially Blind) in association with National Association for Blind (NAB). “As promised, this is another unique endeavor of mine to fulfill dreams of blind. Entire process will be done in five stages wherein last three rounds will be held in Mumbai. We are in constant touch with the President of NAB Mr Bhaskar Mehta and executive director Ms Pallavi Kadam,” Says Samir Mansuri.

100 percent BLIND and PARTIALLY BLIND girls between the ages of 18 to 30 years are eligible to apply. Out of all the applications 30 girls will be shortlisted for first round of contest in Mumbai. 12 girls will be selected for final round and will be imparted 15 days of training. They will be trained by a Choreographer and also a Personality Development Trainer for the Final Event. “It’s an opportunity for these girls to prove their intellect and talent. If they are ambitious enough they will have a life time opportunity to move ahead in life. Samir Mansuri has done commendable work for Blind through his NGO Blind dreams. Looking at his previous track record, we are happy to have associated with him,” says NAB President Mr Bhaskar Mehta. Out of these 12 girls, Celebrities and eminent Citizen Judges will announce 2 Hundred percent Blind and 2 Partially Blind girls winner after rounds of Q-A, Talent show, Ramp Walk and expressing their ambition in life. Finale will be held in Mumbai in January 2017.
Mr. Samir Practices Ayurved/ Nature Therapy for external application of removal of wrinkles, skin fatigue, acne, dark circles etc with his own herbal special face packs and herbal oils. Fifty percent of income from his vocation is given to his pet humanitarian project ‘Blind Dreams’. Till now he has done many events for his fellow citizens in Ahemdabad and had flown in 55 Blind girls and their 35 excorts from Gujarat to fulfill their dream of flying, meeting Varun Dhawan, Asit Kumarr Modi, Shyam Pathak (Popatlal), Guru Charan Sigh (Sodhi), Reshmi Ghosh, Meghna Naidu, Tara Alisha Beri, Shraddha Mohsani and many other celebrities and then going to Essel World.

He has rejuvenated and done skin enhancement for celebrities like Subhash Ghai, Ashmit Patel, Kumar Gaurav, Reshmi Ghosh, Anokhi Srivastav, Gunjan, Tanvi, Rucha Gujarati and many other elite from film and corporate sector.

For more information on ‘Princess India’ contest, go on and check for Upcoming Events.

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